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About Damn Time, Sorry Not Sorry

As I’ll be working on my posts from a recent trip very soon, I’m squeezing this simply because I feel my brain is about to explode and these should be put into words. For those who’ve known and dealt with me for too long, they would know I’m the kind of person who will observe at first. In the long run, if it’s something worth an honest POV from me, it’s either a good one or a butt-hurt feel one. Today, I will be both.

I’m not into open letters cause, hey, I’m not a tv personality anyway. In fact, that’s where I’m starting…

To be honest, my social media life are now gearing towards three forms — my blog, IG and messaging sites (eg Viber, Facebook Messenger, etc). For some strange reason, I already came to a point that I got worn out checking the usuals. I felt that I’ve just outgrown it. Admittedly, I’m happy for the milestone posts cause hey, c’mon it’s a positive milestone right? There’s just a side of me that felt bored. To make things worse, when it’s my turn to post seems it’s not a worthy, sensible post (even if it’s a current topic). Maybe, some can’t relate to me too, I guess? 

However, my recent post made me realize I’m still making sense somehow. Well, I’m not posting to just get the much needed attention. There’s a personal connection between me and traveling that I should tell now. As Nick Fury from Avengers said, it’s about goddamn time.

I must admit before there is a pinch of envy when I see people who get to travel as perks. I’ve been working for years and I ask myself how come I was never lucky having one. The farthest travel I’ve had from an employer was a trip to a supplier’s plant in Tarlac (and had to go back in the afternoon 🤣). Most of those who were able to experience travels c/o work would tell me better not have one cause it’s tiring, exhausting, blah blah. Honestly, it’s hard to tell if all of them are sincere of it or just making sure I won’t feel bad that I haven’t at all. Recently because I’ve collected myself and I’ve come to my senses not to be hopeful about a travel from work (just work at your desk Calai), I make sure to just give myself a break work and travel with the hard-earned, saved bucks. If others splurge on material things, this is my way of doing so. It’s a blessing and out of hard work.

But it doesn’t end here…

We have our own unique perspectives of priorities and so with traveling. However, there are some that lead me to the Richter scale of piss-dom. Hmmmm, let me see…

There’s the why do I have to take leaves and travel, the opinions of how I look in my photos (before and now), the correlation of solo travels to being single and all that’s in it…Trust me, there’s a few more in the bag.

This may butt-hurt, but my answer to all of these is: “Why is it such a deal for you to ask? Will your opinions change the fact that I can travel or my decisions with life in general? At the end of the day, I still will do it. It’s none of your business.” No matter what opinions will be said just to make themselves appear good or concerned, still I am the decision maker of my own choices in life. I must admit I screw up on choices at times cause I am not perfect. I also might not be looking as good as others (in your eyes). Yes guys, we are all entitled to our opinions, but not all of them deserve to be said. Miscommunications and misunderstandings happen if these aren’t considered — to whom are we addressing, what will you say and how you will say it.

I don’t want to make this long enough. There are more relevant posts I can share to inspire rather than being the evil stepsister here. I’m just letting out the stuff in my brain stuck for quite a while. I know there will come a time some people would still do or say such things. If they keep doing it, then we know who needs guidance, ‘ayt?

Bottomline, not all we say deserve to be blurted out, there are things that we have to bite with our tongue and just be sincerely happy for them. Much better, if we get either inspirations or learning from them that we could take in for our lives.


So for those who would be asking me questions upon my return — “why didn’t you go there”, “why did you only stop there”, “why your trip is that short” — let me take the bullet in advance and answer them now.

“If I may suggest, take note of the places I wasn’t able to squeeze in. I pray and claim that God will give you the opportunity to see them aside from those I’ve visited. If you were able to visit them already, then kudos to you. Need not worry as I pray for myself even that God will give the blessings and opportunities for comebacks to see those other places (with more time too).

For now, I am grateful and happy for what has transpired. Hope this simple trip will inspire you to go for journeys too. Pray and be happy for me.” 

And with that, have a good week ahead 🙂


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