The Blog

Let’s simply put it this way. This is a multi-hyphen blog from the mind of a not so typical (who thinks she is) gal. She believes that even if one ain’t a celebrity or ain’t coming from a prominent family, one can make small differences and share a voice in this sphere. Though she writes about almost anything under the sun and moon, this mainly focuses on four avenues — food, travels, creative ventures and inspirations. The goal is to give account to what’s going on around us that can motivate you to create, explore and inspire. However through time, she aims not just to communicate but to also build connections. After all, we learn from each other.

Calai has been blogging since 2009 thru various free sites, but writing has been part of her veins doing write-ups (in school and organizations) since she was a kid; thus the name of this site. Known also in her socmed accounts of the same title (Calai the Writer), she hopes the transition to this latest page will not only be an online journal, but also a space to grow and to interact with others.  

The Writer

Calai Reyes is a procurement engineer by profession but a writer-slash-creative pursuer by passion. Despite the 8×5 daily grind, she delves in to the things she love to do, one activity at a time.

She has been writing essays since her student days; thus, this led to her passion in writing blog posts. Currently, she is also one of the writers at the Feast Bay Area, a Catholic community.

She loves traveling and crafts-related activities. She’s been mixing self studies and workshops to develop her lettering, journaling and DIY crafts skills. You may find her thoughts to words also on Instagram via “Calai the Writer”.

On the side, she also loves reading books, eating with her phone first, listening to music and singing (yeap, she’s a former chorale singer), watching travel and cooking shows, and contemplating or doing creative stuff over a cup of coffee — while being in the company of one or few people that matter to her and she loves, or being in solitude.