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Anni-Birthday Random Post

Suppperrrr glad to be back in this space after a few months!


Thank goodness, I was able to retrieve this one. For my frequent follower-friends, my first owned domain crashed in early 2018. But in July last year, I was able to recreate a new one. A month before the 1st year anniversary of this blog, I had issues once again on the access. It scared the hell out of me *again*, thinking if I would still create a new one or just stick to my existing free WordPress site. Good thing, I didn’t give up understanding how I could tweak this even if I really have nooooo background on IT coding and terminologies.

And so, here I am returning to share my whats and what nots in life. Being able to revive a website may be a small thing for some. As for me, it’s a blessing, more so it happened on my birthday month — a year older for me and for my blog. Before I start sharing the necessary posts, here’s my anniversary and birthday post. This ain’t gonna be an essay.

I want to give a massive thanks to all who greeted me on my special day, in every medium of communication possible. Well, as one ages, the quantity ain’t a big deal, it’s more of the quality of people who give their time and effort for you…so yeap, thanks again!


This self new year, I am not only wishing and praying for myself but also for a few things:

• a more developed and disciplined Pasig City

• good health, protection and prosperity for my family

• constants who would keep me sane and zest to live and to inspire others to keep going

• surpass that needed step towards the path (well, sensya guys, can’t elaborate this at the moment)

And believe it or not, world peace is really part of it. Insensitivity towards others feels and differences is what keeps us in an endless battle. Respect towards other people has been missing these days, from face to face confrontations to spreading hate on social media platforms. Unfortunately, it’s the innocent people who are not involved in the argument that are led to suffer. So yeap, that one is a true to life wish.

I guess what most people say about birthdays when one gets older are becoming a reality for me. I may not be as giddily excited like when I was still as a kid, but I’m still happy when the clock strikes 12 midnight or when I wake up in the morning, seeing that birth date. It’s just that now, as I age, you just become more grateful to what’s right at you — no matter how big or small the milestones are. You become more focused on what lies ahead along with your dreams. It gives you a perspective that you still got a purpose that’s why a year is added and a new one springs.

Now that I got my blog back, it’s also a wake up call for me to get back to the things and facets of life I’ve been missing. I missed writing and doing creative stuff. I missed traveling to and fro, exploring just like anybody else. I miss, once in a while, taking that quiet time and just enjoying how beautiful life is. I miss being with the people who keep me sane and who push me to rise up…So from here, let’s see where and how my life’s gonna turn out to be as my new year has just arrived. Time to embrace adventures that will come my way. Time to make more choices in this so-called life.

Back indeed,



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