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It took a while for me to get back on this space. Admittedly, procrastination took over and a series of personal events blocked my mind’s writing space. Never thought I would be posting again soon, after a few months, but on a time that the world went to a halt of its usual life. 2020 started with hard-hitting events, and when we thought one was enough, hell no! Anywhere in the world is not spared by the invisible enemy we now call Covid-19. Metro Manila alone has been in quarantine for more than a month and counting. Reality bites, this is how it is.

No sugarcoating, this ain’t an easy. There’s no denying either that as each day of this quarantine phase passes, life goes on, just not the way we probably have wanted or have seen it coming. Each of us have different sets of struggles at the moment, but with one absolute truth, this experience is something we must not unlearn from.

Posts across social media in this phase somehow contributed to my discernment, reality and sanity checks. Personally, this phase became an eye and mind opener period for me, which I’m sure the rest of you had too.

It became a time to learn and discern. I guess it just so happened that our employer had us on a work from home basis since the ECQ implementation. Monday to Friday is still a usual workday (minus the commuting). Being an introvert may have been helpful for me somehow cause it led me to a detour to do a few small tasks I’ve set aside pre-ECQ. Not only that, it also gave me the opportunity to discern — each has their own ways to cope and to perceive themselves after it, and the characters built out of the crisis. I’m not invalidating whatever feels or thoughts you guys are going thru right now, as long as it’s not stupid and keeps you and your families safe. But in my opinion, though the situation made us feel lazy or unproductive, it’s about time we start moving and learning or relearning little by little.

A little dose of gratitude, one day at a time. This is something we, admit it or not, tend to miss when things are accessible or typical. When the usual patterns are changed, especially in this case which is beyond our control, it’s human nature to feel uneasy or anxious (levels vary with each person). I know some would find my thoughts quite odd, but it’s in these trying times that we can see and appreciate the little things that matter (which we used to not pay attention before). Having personally experienced pains and rock bottoms, believe it or not, I was able to survive a few thru seeing graces or grateful things out of it. For now, with what we are going through, we can start by seeing the value of little blessings — being safe and healthy at home, being able to have family time, various ways of communication despite the distance…and a few more which apparently we miss out when you are almost 8×5 out due to work, business or school.

Delays and detours have a purpose that we shouldn’t ignore. A lot of things, events, plans and decisions, no matter how big or small they are, have been put on hold because of what the world is experiencing. In our country alone, it’s been a series of crazy stuff since January of this year. In as much as we would want to give a HUGE scream of ‘tama na po’ (enough of it, please) then miraculously get a zero case of Covid globally, unfortunately, that’s not how the universe works. Reality bites, we really have to face this and there’s no turning back. Sure, you would possibly tell me, “noted, we got it, but now what?”.

Side story — Since the quarantine was imposed in Metro Manila, I already thought about what would happen to my travel plans (and other crazy personal…yeap! I have such..haha). After I’ve asked a few times back then, I decided to stop asking. Not because I gave up, it’s just that I told myself there’s no use to whine cause it’s already here and we’re all on the same boat. Personally, there could be a purpose why my travels and crazy plans were put on hold. Perhaps, dear readers, the series of events could also be the block you would need to tweak plans or decisions to protect or detour you from further harm in the future. We can’t predict and see our future, but the Supreme Being does. It may sound weird or off to some, but it wouldn’t be a crime to possibly see these as signs.

credits: Bro Velden Lim (FB Page)

Embrace uncertainty and keep the faith. As our lives were put on hold, I’m sure the question, “until when are we gonna go thru this?”, sprung out of those heads. Well, I had those too — that is during the first few weeks though. After six weeks (and still counting), I’ve come to terms there is uncertainty of what the world or my personal life will be after. I diverted my thoughts to just stick to what I can do for now, at the moment. Everyday we get from the news numerous thoughts, stats and insights about the virus and the uncertainty of when will the world be Covid-free. I won’t go thru that cause I’ll leave that to the experts (hindi po ako scientist or med slash writer lang…haha). I may not see a clearer and bigger picture of how will my life be (holistically) in the next months or years even. What I can just do is embrace the uncertain, the unexpected that in God’s time, the world will be better in His own ways. It ain’t easy to comprehend God’s ways, but we just have to trust His plans, His ways, His purpose.

Realtalk, quoting one of my fave preachers at the Feast, “Life will not be the same anymore.” He is on point. After this crisis (which again we don’t know until when, unless we get that freakin’ vaccine), our perspectives about life in general and how we are as individuals will and must change or evolve. The past few weeks have been tough and the next ones (crossing fingers as I write it would end up the opposite) might be tougher. Our emotions and pains might have gotten the best of us, but it’s now time to less then pondering of the pre-quarantine days. It’s time not to be too hard on ourselves and keep going, cause there’s no use wallowing much anymore. Depending on how we see things, but this time, this moment…believe it or not…could be considered a gift. It is not easy, but let’s not be hard on ourselves even. We have to start or refresh from here now, cause this is our new normal. The fact we are still alive, can move and not contained in cubicles in hospitals are enough reasons for us to keep going and keep trusting all will be for the better.

credits: Bro JPaul Hernandez (Twitter)

#notetoselfandeveryone It’s time for us to wake up, smell the coffee, take one small step / plan at a time and pray. For now, this is how we have to live (regardless of what situation you’re in). Bear with me cause I don’t know how each and every person is taking this all in. One thing is certain, I all wish you and your families are safe and take care…



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