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Before Anything Else, Dear 2019

Advance Happy Chinese New Year! Back to regular programming…

I finally came out of bed and meds, from nursing almost weeks of coughs and a week of on-off fever in between. It started after Christmas but the doctor check-ups and medications were of no use. The ultimatum came when I had a 3-day fever that wasn’t subsiding; thus, to the ER we went.

The only evidence I can tolerate to capture 😷

Thanks to IV’s (yeap, I had to bear with the needles), tests and heavier doses of meds, I’m now slightly back in shape. Well, the side effects of the heavy doses are still with me. Not failing to mention my parents who have been patient with me during the entire dilemma and prayers coming from friends, now I can somehow say, “I’m back”. I just had to tell this story so those who might be wondering of about my silence will know what happened.

Before I get in the zone on my contents and upcoming projects-goals, time to share some bits and pieces I have in mind and I’ve been up to.


Saw a lot of folks on social media who gave in to this worldwide challenge. I used to scroll on the timelines and let them pass, well, aside from I had no energy to respond or even like some of them.

Since now I have a little amount of patience to extract my old photo, layout with the latest and post them, here we go:

My 10 year challenge 😊

I’d let those who know me well or who will just judge me based on these photos tell the difference. In my honest opinion, I just grew up. After New Year’s day, I also decided to have my long locks chopped off. There was one major reason why I had to. It actually sprung from an incident when I came back from Sydney last year. Rather than dwelling on that setback incident (yes, it was related to my hair), I gave myself the thought this is the sign I’ve been waiting to have a change of ‘do.


My Hair, My Say

Growing up, I was exposed to how people have built standards on beauty, especially for women. It’s either you comply to their standards to be noticed and given utmost attention or be tagged differently. Honestly, I hate that even up to this day. I am so sure of myself that my gender is female, but I’m just more on the low maintenance and less ladylike side of things. The most obvious ones for guys to consider you attractive are the hair, putting on make-up, wardrobe and how prim you are.

As a student, I’ve always had my hair short cause I don’t want to waste time fixing my hair. I prefer a wash, dry and go kind of hairstyle. However, I observed that my male acquaintances are more into long-haired females. I’ll be very frank…it annoys me and depletes my self-esteem once in a while.

The sad part is, even if the world has evolved in how we see things, seems this standard (and others) will go on. While there’s generally nothing I can do to make a drastic change of thoughts, perhaps taking small steps till we all get there would be better than no effort at all. Recently, I saw something that made me say, “thank God, somebody finally voiced out what I had in mind”. The best part is it was done by a known brand of hair product and in a form of a tv commercial. (Credits: Dove PH You Tube)

From here, I hope the message could cut across throats (haha…ang harsh) of people who still put long haired girls (and some other taboo standards) on the map of attention and attractiveness. It’s about time to start somewhere. And speaking of somewhere…



Well, every new year we use for random conversations our resolutions. I don’t see anything wrong about it, especially for those who’ve got goals for the year. It just really depends on how serious or how focused a person is in meeting those resolutions, and not just as a way to join the bandwagon. For the past years, I’ve set this aside cause I know for myself that I cannot make them happen for me in one whole year. Also, I easily get distracted before so I decided to not set one.

Gearing days before the New Year 2019, I just decided to set goals and think of ways how to get thru it; thus, that’s were the resolutions come in handy. It’s not really drastic moves or like changing bad habits. It’s more on improving pieces of myself to head to where I want to be.

Learn new skills.

As they always say, never stop learning. May it be related to crafts or cooking techniques, this year would be a discovery and learning year for me. Not only because I want it just to be part of my bucket list, but because I want to expand my knowledge for future side hustles.

Read more books.

This I am sure is something I really have to give it a go again this year. I know I am guilty of not reading books much or I start reading the chapters and not finish them. As a writer, it is but fitting to read more too.

Back to basics, less social media hookin.

My lurking access to social media platforms eat up my time. Well, if you just allot a certain period in the day, that’s fine. However, I end up sleeping on it sometimes. The entire time I got sick early this year, it triggered me to not look on my phone much. To add, some posts I see in other major socmeds ain’t my cup of tea anymore. It doesn’t mean I will close all my social media accounts. I will just lessen the time spent and allot for creative stuff, eventually unload some accounts soon. So for those who might care (, I will be more on this blog, job-related sites and Instagram. Bahala na kayo…haha.

Add a few to trust, subtract those you can’t take.

Time and again I always say this. I am an introvert. I prefer having a few people around or just being on my own. However, I know I should still socialize and gain a few more to trust in my life. Tbh, I graduated from the phase of partying (with the tugs-tugs kind of night). Some of my long time friends have their own lives already and lost bonding time with them (sadly for a small percentage of them, I dont know why). So I guess, it’s the time to keep those who are still in contacts and add a few thru the passions or interests I have.

Meanwhile, I also came to a point that my patience level got triggered. A few acquaintances and colleagues assumed some level of closeness that they can budge on my personal life. This year, it’s time to set that border. It’s a harsh reality, but I know it will eventually liberate me even more.

Live the word “keep”.

There are a few things that I actually lived up for years. It’s just that this 2019, I got to keep doing them or work them up a notch.

Keep the faith, keep serving Him, keep traveling, keep working on my passions, etc. — In summary, I have to continue where I started or paused. To have a reference of what are they (and to track my progress), that’s thru the help of my planners. Yes! You saw that. Ok, I am only sharing these for you to know and for those whom I might influence. I am not forcing you to do it, if you don’t want to. We got our own reasons why, so save your piece, I won’t need it.


To all who have supported my endeavors in 2018, thankssss a lot! 😘 From simply looking thru my blog, commenting on my socmedposts, communicating to me and praying for me, you’ve inspired me to keep going. I hope you, dear readers, will still be here this 2019. I will be pushing for some creative pursuits and side hustles. Hoping you could help me out by spreading the word, sharing opportunities I can delve into, patronizing my endeavors soon and of course (if aint too much), praying for me and my family. More updates here soon.

May this be the medium to make you create, explore and inspire,

Calai 🙋🏻‍♀️



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