Cafe Crawl SG Edition

I promised in a socmed post or two that I will be sharing this months ago. It so happened I was working on other stuff plus pulling off this site, so finally here it is.

I love going to a cafe and immersing myself at least an hour or two, may it be just looking thru the glass panes observing or being in a creative mode. One thing certain, I love coffee so it’s a given why I do some cafe crawling. For the first edition of this CC series, I will be sharing a few of the cafes I visited in the Lion City.

Followers and friends would know Singapore is one of my fave places due to various reasons. It is a default for me to go once in a while here, with friends or by myself. One of my fave things to do here aside from just plainly roaming around and meeting up, I appreciate the coffee scenes here. May it be near an MRT station, within a mall or in hawker areas, Singaporeans love their coffee. Aside from it, the socmed worthy atmosphere and food they offer in coffee shops make locals and tourists alike snap and share.

Ok lah, time to jot down a few:

1. Tiong Bahru Bakery

In one of my visits, I was blessed to be able to rent a room (along with my friends) that was literally a few steps to this bakery. But the thing is, the place is always full. We had to wake up earlier than the usual time we set just for us to get a dose of breakfast there.

📷credits: Tiong Bahru Bakery IG – @tiongbahrubakery

It’s more of a bakery but they also offer coffee to pair with a croissant or with their best seller, Kouign Amann (butter cake). I must say it’s worth the early morn rise and the wait.

2. Whisk Cafe

A few more steps after the Tiong Bahru Bakery is this very quaint, well lit cafe.

They got pasta, bread and sweets and yesss, best paired still with their coffee. I can recommend their truffle mushroom pasta — bettttt ko sya!

A bowl and a cup of goodness 🍝☕

Adding to the mood is the music they play here over a piano, with a singer who has the vocals to boot. However, I’m with my gal friend that time (sooo no offense to my friend, but couldve been sweeter if was with a guy…hahaha).

3. PS Cafe

This has been featured, I assume, by some lifestyle or travel bloggers. Well, why not? Definitely, it’s worth visiting and sharing. One of their branches is at Ann Siang Hill in Chinatown and you really gotta tread up from the main road. ✌😂 Don’t worry it ain’t a thousand feet above sea level naman.

📷 credits: PS Cafe IG – @pscafe

Whether you go there for an intimate date or with friends or family, it’s a must try.

When we visited there, we went Brit for a bit trying their teas and carrot cake. I admit I’m not a fan of carrot cake, but theirs is definitely worth the try (comparing to the few ones I tried). Don’t be fooled but aside from the usual cafe staples on the menu, they serve cocktails and alcohol beverages in the evening.

That carrot cake and tea — 📷 credits: my IG (@calaithewriter)

4. Chye Seng Huat Hardware

A former hardware shop turned into a cafe? Believe it. Right at the heart of Lavender, it already made a name thanks to their instagram worthy menu and interiors.

Came to stop by here thanks to Abbey Sy’s recommendation, it was worth walking under the hot summer sun and sitting in a corner near the condiments with two-high chairs.

I tried their all day breakfast kind of dish. It made me last for hours. They also sell goodies that you can take away like breads and sweets. It’s jampacked during weekends, so if you plan to eat here and enjoy the place, you know the drill.

Breakfast at 1pm

5. Avenue

A coffee shop slash design destination where people can collaborate for projects and workshops. Situated in Joo Chiat, the interiors will make you feel you’re in a library, minus the librarian and prohibition of eating and drinking.

Find us 🤣✌

Aside from coffee based drinks, they also have milkshakes to cool and perk you up while wasting time (in a good way). It’s along the road and accessible to buses, just make sure you keep your eyes wide open for the sign.

6. Kyushu Pancake Cafe

Lastly, here’s a cafe that made me brace the rains and my fear of heights, seriously….

Fronting Novena Church and you need to cross a steep overpass, Kyushu Pancake Cafe was worth all that overpass and getting soaked.

While waiting and drying myself up 🤣

Named after a province in Japan, they use organic products for their dishes. Taking pride of their no emulsifier, additives or artificial ingredients for the pancakes and waffles, I definitely had to give it a try. Cause I made it there in time for an early dinner, I ordered the chicken and waffles complemented with hot fruit tea.

👍😊 — that says it!

And guess what, it was really worth the search. If you ain’t that hungry, one serving can be good for sharing. Well, I went there solo so you know what happened after..hehe. How I wish I was able to try the sweet versions, but I was full and satisfied. In my opinion, one of my fave cafes offering pancakes and waffles so far. Not failing to mention, they have accommodating staff. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the uncle’s name but he has been very kind enough to offer me paper towels to dry up before ordering food. He was also able to help me out in ordering and sharing what they offer.

Singapore has a lot of cafes to offer and definitely, I shall return. I will take this chance to say though, there is one I visited that I won’t make a return. I didn’t list them here cause even if their food, coffee and themed-atmosphere were good, the service was just epic fail. A lot have been blogging about it, but when we went there, the excitement and rave just diminished. I’ll let you guys discover, if you get the chance to visit that place.

In your visit to SG, stop by in a cafe or two in the list I shared and let me know what you think. I wanna take this chance to give a shoutout to my friend, Joyce (@yotzke on IG), who is my fellow cafe crawler everytime I am in SG. She is my coffee-crafts-life talks buddy and I discovered some of what’s on this list, thanks to her. 🙌😊

I’m sure these ain’t the end for me, so more cafe crawls and coffee cups to go. ☕😊


Tiong Bahru Bakery  – Tiong Bahru Branch (56 Eng Hoon St., #01-70); Website – http://www.tiongbahrubakery.com
Whisk Cafe – 58 Seng Poh Road, Tiong Bahru Estate, Singapore
PS Cafe Ann Siang Hill Branch – 45 Ann Siang Road #02-02 Singapore 069719; Website – https://www.pscafe.com
Chye Seng Huat Hardware – 150 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore; Website – www.cshhcoffee.com
Avenue by Quadwork Pte Ltd – 454 Joo Chiat Road, S427667; Website – http://avenue.sg/
Kyushu Pancake Cafe – 275 Thomson Road, Novena Regency #01-08, Singapore 307645; Website: http://www.kyushu-pancake.sg/



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