I used to join essay writing contests during my primary school days. The love for writing grew when I was in high school, as I became a part of our school publication’s org. It went on hiatus though after that up to my first years of working life. Thanks to the rise of the world wide web, I rediscovered this passion thru blogging. Also, since 2016, I’ve been a part of the Media Ministry of the Feast Bay Area (a Catholic Charismatic community led by Bro Bo Sanchez) as a writer. Currently, I’m into topics related to travel, creative stuff, inspirations and pop culture / current events. Though my strengths are in articles or essays, I don’t limit myself to these.


Lettering and Journaling

While others see these activities as a form of a hype, I see them as a therapy and self-expression. Thru the years, I learned and practiced more on my own by watching videos and reading books. But of course, it pays to learn more thru workshops, which I took via two experts — Abbey Sy and Paola Esteron.


Crafts / Accessories Making

Working on crafts is one of my past times from way back. It started with needle works via cross stitch and doing DIY on my clothes. Then, it progressed to other activities like weaving and DIY-ing stuff. Most of the projects I work on are self taught, but when I have the extra time and moolahs, I never stop learning. It even led for me to take up a basic accessories design crash course at La Salle College International years ago.


Singing and Voice Over

Yeap! I may be a confessed (for the x number of times) introvert, but there’s no denying on these. As per my parents, singing surfaced the moment I learned how to read. I joined a chorale group since I was nine and I only raised my white flag before I turned on my 30’s. Meanwhile, being a voice over was something that was just discovered by my teacher in primary school. To date, I lead or host events in small groups once in a while (or have my voice recorded for needed materials).


Travel Planning

My love for traveling has not only made me rich with experiences and knowledge, but also with ideas in terms of how to plan for my next travels. In turn, this became the point of question and reference by some of closest friends and colleagues, especially if their next destination was some where I visited already.


Collaborate or work with me? If any of these things that I love to do interests you, drop a message: