Squeezin’ Doses of Netflixin’

Yeap! You weren’t all dizzy and dozy. This is one part of me, while all are having their coping mechanisms in this pandemic and quarantine.

My pre-pandemic, old self won’t normally have the energy and excitement to squeeze a few hours to watch a series or episode in this famous app we call Netflix. Also, I had to be connected to wifi or mobile data all the time to just view the shows; downloading to watch them offline is giving the same dilemma. A monthly charge of this app wasn’t worth it back then. In fact, I opened an account years back, but months later, I had to deactivate it cause I wasn’t able to maximize the charges anyway.

The phase gave me the opportunity to be reunited with Netflix and squeeze in watching after work from home hours or during weekends. My dose of Netflix ain’t focused on movies, more into documentaries or tv series. I don’t have the patience to stick my a** off though for hours and I also still do a few other stuff in a day, so usually after a few episodes, I’m done and filled. Pretty sure, we got different tastes in terms of what kind of shows we prefer to watch, but maybe a show or two I’ve watched could be a first for you and something to your liking…Let me share those I’ve watched and currently watching:

Korean Tv Shows — In the Philippines alone, a lot are into binging with their shows simply because they can really make good, engaging and relatable stories with versatile actors and actresses that need not to be dragging and endless (ok, nuff there for now cause I could go on…sorry, Philippines, we’ve got good stuff going on, but our teleseryes badly need improvement, for realzzz). Our family is into Korean shows and wouldn’t mind using our eyeglasses just to see and catch up on the subtitles.

Crash Landing On You — A story about a North Korean soldier and a South Korean business mogul who had an unexpected encounter in the North Korean territory. Prior to quarantine, I was already watching at least an episode or two on weekends, but I only got to finish it in the first two weeks of the phase (yesss! that’s how slow I am in binging, thank you effin much). If you’re not into romance feels at the moment, that’s perfectly fine cause not all episodes are entirely into that kind of mood. Just to give you a forewarning, yes, this is on the rom-com-drama side of things. There were some episodes admittedly I was caught off-guard to shed side tears. It was worth it in the end though. Well, aside from the plot, it gives amazing sights of their series’ locations — Switzerland, Mongolia (for the North Korea settings) and Seoul.

Itaewon Class — A story of friendship, various love forms and redemption. I had to stress out the last item cause that’s what really stood out more in this series. Based on a webtoon, it’s about a high school student turned ex-convict, with good friends he met along the way, who worked his way up to becoming an owner of a food corporation. The best thing about it is his redemption from a family’s food business empire who became the cause of his hardships and tragedies in the past — losing his father and him ending up in jail. I have much love for this series that I consider it to be inspirational (in various aspects of life). Hopefully, I could have the effort to separately post my insights about it cause I see it deserves one, and it will give you an idea why I’m totally raving about it. If you are not much into the cheesy or heavy drama kind of viewer, then this one is for you.

Throwback TV Series – Admittedly, I was already a kiddo during the 90’s so somehow I had tv shows through time that I got hooked with and I wished to watch them again. Good thing, Netflix has got some of those US TV shows that I used to see on local channels back then (not dubbed in Tagalog, no offense).

Friends — Need I explain further?! This show was something I really grew up with and made me aware of adult life. The characters and story may be fictional but looking into it now, it is still relatable true to life. It’s about six friends and their lives’ struggles and successes in the busy New York City, incorporated with some humor. The show ran for 10 seasons and if you are able to follow, you would be able to understand why it became one of the most famous US tv series in this generation. It also became the avenue to relevance up to this day of the lead actors and actresses. They were supposed to do a reunion show for this year. However, the tapings were put on hold due to the recent pandemic. For now, I’ll be fine with the episodes.

Food and Travel Documentaries — Two of the interests close to my heart are travel and food. These two awakened my curiosity and knowledge of countries and their cultures. As I make use of this time to prep and look forward to travels and pursuing goals soon, better yet these docus or series give me that inspiration and boost I need.

Street Food Asia — It’s a series showing various locations in Asia along with their famous street food dishes and the cooks who made them a global name. Though I personally have a few nega thoughts about where I am at, but I somehow feel blessed to be in a diverse continent like Asia where you can have a mix of flavors. The series somehow reminded me of my past travels and the food that I have tried. It also now gives me a thoughts of where to head next and what not to miss out next time.

Somebody Feed Phil — A tv series hosted by Phil Rosenthal, he shows the spots, usual activities and the food that makes each place he visits unique. It’s kinda like a travel vlog but expanded in less than an hour. It may seem to look like your usual travel / food hosts, but what makes him unique is that he brings some light and humor to his experiences. This makes us see that traveling isn’t really that bad. His new season just premiered recently; thus, I have new extra episodes to binge on.

Chef’s Table — This one I just started to watch, wherein each episode features a famous chef of how they innovate dishes and what made them become the it person in the food industry today. Given that I love to cook and have goals relating to food in the future, it somehow brings out motivation and doses of creativity.

Perhaps some folks out there have more shows watched than I do. I’m still on the catching up phases, but for the record, I’m not in a hurry to finish them all. I have a line up already of which ones to watch next and I don’t wanna stress myself of it. I’m not in a race…haha…If you got a suggestion or two for me to watch (as long as it’s not horror), don’t hesitate to give me a buzz.

Our country just decided this week to ease up the quarantine policies that I personally have thoughts and reservations of. Not that I’m complaining, I just am disappointed of how it was handled and how are majority of the people dealing with it improperly. While this post is not intended for my opinion on this, I just want to say that somehow the evolution of Netflix is a good idea after all. It’s a matter of how we will manage our time in squeezing this viewing app amidst all the things we need to do. After all, Netflix is now part of the new normal…We’re not going back REALLY to where we were.

Happy watching!


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