Tamang Tambay sa Pinto

Loitering has been one of the heated topics lately in the news, due to actions taken on what we call ‘tambays’ mandated by the government. While I’d rather take my specific thoughts on this offline, I can only say that if peace, order and the “discipline” will be achieved out of our government’s efforts, so be it.

Now, rather than being taken to the common context, how about being the let’s just say in Tagalog, tamang tambay? 😊

On my birthday eve, I was with my fellow servants from the Feast Bay Area Media Ministry and spent our Saturday to bond in a place, less than an hour away from Manila. We headed to the social media apps worthy place that’s been creating a buzz, the Pinto Art Museum. Through the years, various commercial and residential establishments have surfaced in Antipolo making them look urban-rural in between, compared to other places in Rizal. So when we entered in this place, I ended up being in awe on how it made me feel I was transported somewhere else.

On a cloudy kinda weekend
And yes, that’s us…Spot the Calai 😁 (📷 credits: Djoanna Decena)

Though it can be accessible to commute, but since it’s tucked within a subdivision and minus the hassle, I suggest you better bring or rent a private vehicle when you decide to visit.

Waiting to get in

The museum consists of galleries showing the various artworks from Filipino artists (painters, sculptors, other visual artists). Even if you don’t have the art loving feels in you, there will be a piece or two that would made you stop, notice and click that camera or mobile phone.  The landscape and structures within the compound give a Mediterranean vibe that you would really be tempted to just snap photos and to do poses for your new profile pics soon.


Artifacts in one of the galleries



Art in Volks

A few of my faves are the sculptures made of various materials and paintings that depict what society currently translates.

During our visit, the weather was like an adapter — one minute it rains, the next few minutes some sunshine. There were instances we had to pause in one area for a bit cause it’s either we’re sweating much or we are trying to prevent ourselves from being soaked. Believe me when I say the weather was still overshadowed by the beauty and the inspiration you can get from visiting this place.  It’s a place beyond of what we know about museums.

So before you make that move on heading to Pinto Art Museum, sharing these few things to consider:

1. Don’t bring big bags cause the staff will just ask you to surrender them at the baggage counter.

2. They allow you to pose and take pics, just be cautious of not staying too close on the art forms.

3. Though it ain’t a major necessity, but if you visit there on a very sunny or humid weather, bring an extra shirt and towel.

4. Practice the silent or whisper movement when in the museum. Uhhhmmm, let’s just say because of “r-e-s-p-e-c-t”?

5. Hungry? They got a cafe within the museum. But if you prefer to just eat somewhere else, there is a plain resto or Jollibee outside the subdivision (along the main road already).

Sometimes, we don’t need to travel far enough to escape. Just getting away from the routine and being able to search inspiration from what’s around you (not by mere wasting time blankly), then being a ‘tambay’ won’t be a bad idea after all. 🧐☺


Pinto Art Museum – 1 Sierra Madre St, Grand Heights Subdivision, Antipolo, Rizal (Entrance Fee: Php200 – adults; Php180 – senior / pwd; Php100 – students)




July 16, 2018 at 2:01 pm

Yes to #TamangTambay — ang pagtambay ng may katuturan! Haha. I agree that even if you’re not into the arts, you’ll still appreciate the creations at Pinto Art because of their modern take. Add to that the Santorini-like ambiance of the place. 🙂

You may want to check out my Pinto Art Museum blog here: https://brokenbiyahera.com/blog/pinto-art-museum-antipolo-rizal/ 😊


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