The Choice To Keep Going

Life isn’t perfect. Not all days are at their best and happiest.

Amidst the reality, life can still be amazing and wonderful. Despite struggles and disappointments, there are ways and reasons to be happy. As it’s used to be said in movies, there’s a silver lining. All things shall pass, but then again, not in the eyes of a depressed mind.

Depression or worse, suicide, is a different battle. There is no timeframe on when it can end. There is no easy round. To date, there may be scientific explanations about it, but for a person who goes they it, no amount of science for him would be an excuse.

There are various reasons why one goes they it. Various situations lead a person to deal with it. Some survive out of it. Sadly, some succumb and surrender to the battle. Reality bites, it really happens. It is current. It must not be ignored nor pushed away.

To family, friends and colleagues, there are only three essentials for those who go thru it – a listening ear, a companion and a prayer warrior. Gone are the days they should be told, “snap out of it” or they should be ignored because “pure nega vibes lang ang mga yan”. You never know how it’a like and you would never wish to be in their shoes.

And if my post comes across to someone who goes thru depression in this social sphere, let me across this screen and tell you this…

Never has it been easy to jump from sad to happy in a snap of a finger or a swish of a wand. If we really can’t take it or we feel alone in the journey, seek professional help. Don’t be ashamed of doing that cause today we are blessed by God to have people around us —- we may not know them by blood, but they were blessed with His gift to mediate with what we go thru. When we’re really at a low, hang on to prayers. Never cease praying. Even if you feel no one listens or sees you praying, God is always with us. Believe or not, but every time we are on that phase and resort to prayer, God manifests His love and grace in ways unexplainable (even if it’s in the simplest form).

Why do I get to say this? Simple, there is a part of me that is just like what they go through. I’ve gone thru series of depressions. Every time it hits me, I struggle and survive one day at a time.  I know this part of me will always be a continuous battle, but for now, I choose to keep going. Is it something my friends, family and colleagues can go a big “whew” or relief already? Uhhhhmmmm, as I said, it’s a part of my life, thank you. Ain’t here to brag but more of to just keep it real.

This is why I decided to put up this blog…Inspired by one of my favourite storytellers, Anthony Bourdain, this pessimist introvert will keep going to tell stories, explore places, meet people and more good stuff. It’ll be a journey and hopefully, in my own little ways and own words, I could make you keep the faith and keep going.

This is a new beginning.


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