The Sunday Currently vol.1

Suspense! I decided to post such a thing again just to get myself back into writing (after my versions of this went poof on my previous site, long story). The blank space in my head is still there, so perhaps, this might make me get going.

reading The Universe of Us by Lang Leav..Well, I read this before but I just felt like going thru it one more time.

writing a poem..It started from an idea of a few words that popped in my brain this morning, but I am determined to finish it.

listening to worship songs. Sometimes, the songs calm me down as I usher a new week ahead.

thinking of random things, well, more on what lies ahead for me. Weekends are the days I think of what to do for my future and wonder also what God has in store for me. Well, I guess it’s just the season for me of such.

smelling pesto salad, which I’m also snacking on right now.

wishing for something that’s only between me and God ☺️

hoping for better days.

wearing my ‘Love’ shirt, jeans and Toms.

loving that a new week is about to start, which isn’t the typical Calai, really. I know this won’t be a weekly feeling. Wanna bet? 🤣

wanting —- I’ll park this one, though I have one in mind.

needing a miracle.

feeling happy. Despite hardships, it’s always better to choose happiness, needless to elaborate.

In as much as I want to give a shoutout on some things, it ain’t the right time for now. I’d better bite my tongue for now and focus. If there are just two thoughts I want to leave here — one, take courage and two, “man’s rejection is God’s redirection”. If I am speaking to someone who needs this at the moment, just keep trusting that things will get better. Don’t worry, we are on the same boat.

How was your Sunday?




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